Watch: Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn: Obama and Jimmy Carter Very Similar



  1. Masterful but not fully hopeful. Manners are indescript for inner liberty.

    Probably not universal. Worked in the military.. his leadership is negative however in public demand. Not a winner for freedom or American meant fate given stronger hopes need less narrow privilege.

    Still he is military noticed. Melting pot bickering.

    Job must be more hopeful for all inner liberty. Not just external privilege.

    This General is not ultimate to keep the liberty universal. Just was likely good for military freedom. Minds his p’s and q’s. Moves his R’s to GOP.

    Hip novice.

    More top brass less top leadership.

    Neat interview.

    • Manners are indescript for inner liberty.
      Brilliant! I don’t know about anyone else, but it would be impossible for me to even parody this writer’s style. I’m just incapable of thinking that way. As usual, I’m left in the dust by this writer’s rhetorical flourishes.


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