Watch: Marco Rubio: Orlando Shooter Inspired By Radical Islam


Florida Senator Marco Rubio spoke to Brian Williams about the terror attack in Orlando and the growing fight against terrorism.




  1. It’s too bad that Marco is not the nominee. And it’s too bad Matzav is not allowing it’s readers to express their true opinions without being censored. It’s too bad that because of Matzav’s immaturity and lack of knowledge, they modify/delete/sanitize/feminise/edit people who do knows, comments.

  2. Matzav is pretty good. I am hitting about 95% with my comments that they print. They only censor things that might marginally be sawtooth in nature and sometimes just a political joke that no one is ready to get in a jewish community.

    We can continue to trust in Matzav editing mostly and in all hope, they can have more wide spread political coverage and more stories about JEWISH LIFE!!!!!!!!

    Careful on your anger, it got printed.



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