Watch: Mona Rosenblum, Shulem Lemmer and Shira Choir Perform “Hadran”


Philanthropist R’ Mayer Zelig Rispler held a magnificent Hachnasas Sefer Torah during which Shulem Lemmer and the Shira Choir took to the stage to perform Hadran in commemoration of Rispler’s special occasion.

Mona Rosenblum, who originally composed and arranged Hadran, was flown in for this special event, and revitalized the interpretation and performance of this piece. Now rearranged with a full-piece orchestra and a masterful, full-bodied choir giving this piece a modern touch. The heartfelt melody followed by a joyous rhythm, Shulem, The Shira Choir and Mona Rosenblum truly capture the spirit of Hadran.

Sound by Shy Clyman – SC Events Inc.
Mixed by Chaim Gottesman
Stage Manager: Motty J
Video by Motty Engel




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