Watch: Netanyahu: “Why Do the Palestinians Consistently Choose to Honor Mass Murderers?”


Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu released a new video on Sunday.

In it, he says, “Imagine a seven-year-old Palestinian girl named Fatima. Fatima is walking with her mother to school. They pass a statue erected in June and young Fatima asks, ‘Who is that?’ Her mother answers: ‘That’s Khaled Nazzal. He planned the murder of 22 Israeli school children and four grown ups.'”
He continues: “On their walk back, Fatima and her mother pass another statue, also erected by the Palestinian Authority last year. ‘What’s his name?’ Fatima asks with a child’s curiosity. The mother answers: ‘That’s Abu Sukkar. He murdered 15 Israelis.’ As they approach their house, Fatima peers up at one last statue erected by the Palestinian Authority. ‘Mommy, which one is that?’ And the mother answers: ‘That is Dalal Mughrabi. She murdered 37 Israelis on a bus.'”
Then he says, “Fatmia doesn’t deserve to be brainwashed with this kind of hatred. No child does. Children should be taught to love and respect, not to hate and kill. There are so many great champions of peace to dedicate statues to. Why do the Palestinians consistently choose to honor mass murderers?”

{ Israel News Bureau}


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