WATCH: New Video Release by Oorah: “Mitzvah Tantz”


mitzvah-tantzCan you do the Mitzva Tantz? Watch this newly-released music video, which will have you humming the song on repeat from Purim till Pesach … if not longer!  The Mitzvah Tantz sums up the life of the average Torah-observant Jew, with a hilarious video featuring Lipa, and starring a whole herd of chickens. Don’t miss this awesomely epic production, and don’t forget to dance the Mitzvah Tantz this Purim (we’ve heard it’s even funner when you’re drunk!)

But hold on – with Adar flying by, the long-awaited Pesach-cleaning season is just beginning! Here’s how to keep your kids entertained with the newest and greatest in Jewish entertainment: the Shmorg7, exclusive to donors in the Oorah Auction, will have your kids glued to their seats for hours on end. The Shmorg7 features a captivating 3D animated film “Fiveish in Flight,” an enthralling story that teaches that ins-and-outs of Shmittah to all ages, and a wildly entertaining remix of the Fiveish dance that we all know and love. And that’s not even half the fun in this brilliant new release of what is undoubtedly the greatest in Jewish entertainment worldwide. (In addition to the Shmorg7, the Mashal Man Treasury, a collection of nine comical yet educational mashalim, is an added CD which will be available exclusively to donors of $100 or more in the Oorah auction.)

After you’ve watched (and memorized) the Mitzvah Tanz, head right on over to our Auction website to order your Shmorg7 and Mashal Man Treasury. Keep in mind that your donation to Oorah is integral in supporting our TorahMates, Yom Tov events & packages, Oorah’s camp TheZone, and the lots more that Oorah does to teach others the daily rituals that make up “the Mitzvah Tantz.”

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  1. To Commenter #2: If you watch the end of the video, it says that the tefilin used for this video were not real tefillin. (It also said that no animals were harmed in making this video.)

    To Commenter #1 & 3 & $: I do not think this is a mockery of the mitvos, why do you? To me, it appears that he is doing a cute, lively, happy, song & dance about the mitvos. How/why do you perceive that as a mockery? There is plenty of Jewish music out there today in a wide variety of styles. All of the styles, even those which may be viewed as more “traditional”, are all rooted in other cultures in which we Jews have lived throughout all our years of galus,in various countries, and among various nations and cultures. This video is no different; it’s a reflection of what is popular or appealing to some people of this generation & culture. However, it does not appear to be mocking or disrespecful in any way. What specifically do you perceive as mocking?

    Furthermore, if it attracts youth who would benefit from kiruv, and this would get them interested & excited about Yiddishkeit, then it’s serving an important purpose.


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