Watch: One Trump State Of Union Address, Several Dem Responses


Why are at least five Democrats giving a response to President Trump’s State of the Union address. Why aren’t they unifying behind one message? Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile sounds off.




  1. The Kennedy family, the Clinton Family, the 9/11 Bush family, etc. have dedicated themselves to public service? Really??? Had they dedicated themselves to public service, America wouldn’t be so ruined with a collapsed economy, joblessness and corruption. Now that President Trump is finally putting America back again as the great country it should be economically, morally, ethically, etc., hopefully after 8 years no Democrat will take over to wreck it again.

  2. The “door is open indeed” for you to step “out” and join the real world, not to invite others in, into a limited mindset, into a party of crybabies who cannot accept reality and still throwing their tantrums at every opportunity. Never in American history have we seen such hatred for a sitting President, divided parties whose only goal is to tear and rip him apart …to make his reign as chaotic as possibly, to distract him with their mindless agendas…
    Here is one citizen, proud of my President and in support of his leadership . The only boat going down is the one that fights the current.
    Joe Kennedy was a joke last night, but glad how transparent he was…it was almost laughable that this is who they chose to represent them. I could barely listen for more than a minute to him…as I hear the same comments from many others.
    Unity is what makes us great, not division. They are digging their own graves…and that’s A okay. Don’t say we didnt warn you.


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