Watch: Protester Who Stormed ‘Julius Caesar’ Stage Speaks Out


Laura Loomer denounces depiction of violence against the right.



  1. it’s sad what’s happened to Hannity. He used to uphold principles like free speech. Now any principle goes out the window because Trump must be defended at all costs. He tries to defend her attempt to shut down free speech by saying it was ‘non-violent’. Who cares if it wasn’t violent? Yes, the play was disgusting, but it’s a dangerous game to play to legitimize shutting down speech that you decide ‘may incite violence’. The frum community should be especially wary of attacks on free speech, this time you may like it, but it sets a very dangerous precedent. Maybe certain psukim or halachos will one day be deemed ‘dangerous’ or ‘inciting violence’.

    • If this play falls under free speech then chopping off the president’s head is also free speech. How would you feel if someone were holding the head of your father or son? There must be a borderline what free speech may include.
      Incitement, provocation and harassment are not free speech, Shmuel. There’s a limit to everything. The world has become so lawless, you’ve lost your perception what free speech may include.


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