Watch: R’ Chaim Kanievsky Shlugging Kapporas

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  1. Why the show?
    True, it was an inspiring moment to see him צוויין זיך, but still, why the publicity! And gosh, the snapshots didn’t stop!
    It takes away…. eppiss toig nisht!

  2. wow a true tzaddik you can tell how the chicken only made noise and squirmed when handled by others but as soon as Rabbi Kanievsky held it the chicken was still and calm!

  3. You can clearly see them handing the Gadol Hador bills which he proceeds to put into their box. The Gadol Hador didn’t give them tzedokah, nor was there any act of tzedokah done. This is Sheker at the highest form, as they leave the impression that we should follow the example of the Gadol Hador. In these days of yamim Noraim when we daven and pray for the ultimate Emes let’s eradicate these Kupat Hair lies


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