Watch: Shadchan Tzadok Katz on Zchusim for finding a Shidduch


Hear renowned Lakewood shadchan Tzadok Katz tell us why Shas For Shidduchim is primed to be a powerful day of zchusim. Sponsor a daf for the zchus of finding a shidduch for yourself, friend or family member. Learning begins Tu B’Shvat 5778/January 30th

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  1. I don’t remember who said it, but according to this, the only area where we consistently see open hashgachah pratis nowadays, is in shidduchim. It’s so true, because every shidduch is full of nissim.

  2. Forgive me for saying so, but a campaign like this is frankly out of place. Typically, the people who are enticed by the offer of z’chus for shidduchim are the singles//families who have it the hardest. the ones who have tremendous difficulty in getting quality dates and in their desperation they are easily enticed by offers for z’cushim. In essence, campaigns such as this are taking advantage of the most desperate people in our communities.

    Over the last few weeks I reached out to the people running the campaign and pleaded with them to adjust the campaign away from the offer of z’chus to the straight up, “we are doing wonderful work please support our efforts”. Although they agreed to my concerns they choose to continue with this style campaign.

    As such I have no choice but to post this here.

    Being that I have raised/spent/ hundreds of thousands of dollars and effectively advocated on behalf of singles who find themselves with tremendous difficulty in shidduchim, I feel like I have the right to comment.

    I reached out to my good friend R’ Tzodek Katz with whom I have and continue to work on behalf of many under the radar singles. He fully agreed with my concerns, and he requested that this video/post be pulled and campaign ended or adjusted.

    Hopefully it will be.

    Moshe Pogrow


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