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Over the past several years, the world has been introduced to Reb Pinchas Wolf, a talented chazzan who has composed hundreds of niggunim. While those who live near Reb Pinchas have the privilege of hearing him daven for the amud every Shabbos Mevorchim, it’s time for fans all around the world to hear him sing one of his special niggunim himself.

PRESENTING: Sholom Aleichem, the newest single from Reb Pinchas Wolf, from his upcoming album: Shirei Pinchas 4. When a composer sings his own song, there is a special connection that resonates with the listener. Although there are many famous Sholom Aleichem’s, all those who hear Reb Pinchas’ agree that it’s special. His Sholom Aleichem is the type of niggun that is so catchy, anyone can pick up on it. With Reb Pinchas’ impressive background in chazzanus, you are sure to hear some of the powerful tones in his voice even at his advanced years. While recording the demo for Shalom Aleichem, Producer Doni Gross suggested that Reb Pinchas sing this niggun himself as he sings it with such feeling. So, for the first time, Reb Pinchas will be featured singing not one, but five of his own niggunim. The album is slated for release this fall iy”h. In the meantime, you can enjoy the previously released Yom Yom, starring vocalist Dovid Lowy as both a song and music video, as well as this new release, Sholom Aleichem.


  1. ב״ה

    We moved to צפת 7 years ago – from Washington, DC. Despite the obstacles placeed before us, by ,ְְְְמדינת”
    ישראל” it was no match for our אמונה and search for ארץ ישראל. This can only be summarized by a person receiving dots, or puzzlzle pieces through life. If you can comect those, you will see a pattern emerge – more evident with age & wisdom – adding to our knowing the seeming illogic of such things as not studying Zohar until age 40. Lookink at that at age 19 – where’s the sense? Ask the same question at age 50,and see the insight of age & experience leading to a “why, of course” moment. Having worked “ for 20 + years, inside inside the beltway”, I recognized the influence that “deism” or הטבע, and gematria equivalent – perhaps – undestanding of our USA foundinging fathers fatherswhen the Chazan, walked home with us to state “there is no such thing as “coincidence” – upon revealing he is the brother-in-law of our Rav in Silver Spring. Maybe my 19+ years of Yeshiva and our son’s – spending first ימיים נוראים בצפת.

    Now entering our 7th – in the “Hotel California” we’ve seen many folks try to “check out”, hurt by the “State” – but like all of life it’s how you look at it. But such is the challenge edge of the “Tree of Knowledge – Good and Bad”. It’s so easy of you use the right lense.

    And to my friends of 55+ years who say – come home, and I reply, dude, we are home, let me connect the dots – just start by reading the parsha and connect those dots to the weeks’ events – personally and publicly. Had I not developed the first prototype ‘pattern recognition’ program in 1979, I’d still be in the desert.

    “ …Once and a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you lo it right” – Garcia, Hunter.

    שבת שלום.

    הלו, וחזקאל מאיר


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