Watch: The 4 Things Republicans Need To Get Done By November 2018


GOPers need to take on the border wall, ObamaCare overhaul, energy revolution and tax cuts; Newt Gingrich reacts on ‘Hannity.’



  1. unfortunately none of these will be done, for the congress has only one party now and that is to turn US into a socialist country. You have to remember anything Obama wanted they voted for, and they didn’t even read most of what they voted for. Now they can’t get any majority on anything they are too busy with the punctuation of any bill. Trump was an error to congress for Hillary was suppose to win, and they feel they have to fix it by negating anything Trump says or does to fix the error. People keep on voting for the same old same old and you will get the same old same old, for no one counts but them and keep on sending them the money and your votes.


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