Watch: The Only Israel Debate You’ll Ever Need To See – Fleisher vs. Beilin On Spin Room Mideast Crossfire


Debate on Israel’s future: Two-stater Yossi Beilin vs. Chevron spokesman Yishai Fleisher.



  1. 2:30 Beilin has the audacity to say that the “settlers” would like to live under Palestinian rule. Says who? None of them do! That’s why they’re there, to show that it’s actually the heartland of Eretz Yisroel. You can see by his body language – only looking in Fleisher’s direction towards the end, that he seeks the approval of the גוים, in this case, the moderator and the audience. He talks about creating a confederation that will allow the Jews to live safely without explaining how he plans to get the terrorists to lay aside their guns, knives, cars, rockets, firebombs, construction blocks, you name it.


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