Watch: The “Ryan-Care” Bill: Everything You Need To Know (Made Super Simple)


Part 1:

Part 2:

Do you find the media’s coverage of the healthcare debate and Paul Ryan’s new legislation confusing?

Or perhaps you don’t want to spend hours deciphering all the complex details?

That’s why we created this informative and fun 2 part segment, which explains everything you need to know about healthcare, in just a few minutes.

We’ve broken it all down in a way that’s clear, organized, and really easy to follow.

(Note: We know this segment is a bit longer than usual. This is mainly for people who really want to understand the details they’ve been missing, as a result of the mainstream media’s lackluster coverage.)

In this segment you will discover:

  • The 5 key components of Obamacare

  • Which of these 5 components Paul Ryan wants to keep, and which he’s getting rid of (and why he won’t just get rid of everything and start over)

  • Why many conservatives think Ryan’s bill is “Obamacare Light”

  • Why Speaker Ryan and President Trump are afraid of having a truly conservative healthcare bill

  • Why most of these plans can simply never work

  • Much more

Bonus: We’ll reveal the “Matzav News Guy’s” name!


  1. I watched for the first 8 minutes but then ran out of patience. I needed some recess, which I took, but then I took a snack and it was hasta la vista. Can you please reveal your name again? I didn’t catch it.


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