Watch: This Year’s Youngest Spelling Bee Competitor


Akash Vukoti is the only 6-year-old among the 285 contestants in this year’s National Spelling Bee.

His favorite word is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanocon­iosis.




  1. Most other languages have somewhat phonetically accurate alphabets, and have no need for useless memorization. English wasn’t a widely written language until late middle ages, Normans’ French and Latin were used, hence the English spelling system inherited other languages spelling, thus resulting in the chaotic and illogical system of spelling used today. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to completely revamp the English spelling system to be phonetically accurate; will be costly in the beginning, but will save many times over the cost of education and misspellings, imagine how much more useful math and science can be deposited into a brain that is unburdened by archaic spelling memorization.


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