Watch: Tim Kaine: My Wife ‘Dinged’ Me for Debate Interruptions


At a rally in Philadelphia yesterday, Sen. Tim Kaine spoke about his performance at the vice presidential debate, saying the dialogue with his opponent, Gov. Mike Pence, was “a little feisty.”

In his first public statements about the debate, the Virginia senator admitted things got a little “feisty” between him and Indiana Governor Mike Pence — “I am Irish” — and said he got “dinged” by his wife for “interrupting” his opponent too much.

Speaking to supporters at a rally in Philadelphia, Kaine said that as “smooth” as Pence may be, “there’s one thing he can’t do and that’s defend Donald Trump on anything.”
Kaine’s comments come after Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway accused him of interrupting moderator Elaine Quijano. “Why in the world was her running mate interrupting and ignoring the female moderator, Asian-American female moderator by the way, completely?” Conway asked on Fox & Friends. “It was almost like it was a strategy. It was almost like he didn’t hear her. And it came off terribly on TV.”




  1. Pinky Pinky Ponkey Poo. This man is still a right mind for the century we can hope.

    As his opponent Pence was right on the gravity of the situation, he danced upon the earth just to see if he could propogate more negative feelings about reasons to avoid the important questions about Russia and revealing the Donald Trump issues with taxes and tax disclosure.

    We can think that Kaine could do the job as VP, but one wonders if Hillary is helping him as much as she can. He needs much help from her office.

    Tricky debate. Too much interruption was due to the fact that Kaine had absolutely no direct facial expression to disagree with Pence on matters of higher ease. This is likely just the design of the man.


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