Watch: Trump: I Don’t Trust Some US Intel Gatherers, Won’t Use Them


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke about the reliability of U.S. intelligence ahead of his first classified briefing.




  1. He’s right. The issue is complicated, but Trump understands it.

    There are 16 organizations in the Intelligence Community. Some of them are great, some of them not so much. The agents and analysts doing the grunt work in all the organizations, are dedicated, hard working Americans, some of whom have given their lives for their country. And the technical tools we have to collect intelligence are the best in the world.

    The problem is with the senior management who present the information to the President, and the middle managers who are towing the line of the seniors. Objective intelligence analysis has always been twisted by leadership and politicians to fit their agendas. If the President has good advisors, he will be able to see through the scatology and find the truth. Guys like Flynn and others that Trump is using, are good examples.


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