Watch: Tucker: Radicalization Of The Left And What They Believe


Tucker: The recent wave of violence is just one manifestation of how the left has changed. On virtually every issue the left has grown far more radical than it was just a few years ago, and activists want it to grow even more radical.Two weeks ago, progressive activists and 2020 presidential contenders gathered at Netroots Nation, a major left-wing convention in New Orleans. ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ sent a team to investigate what attendees really believe.



  1. The Left Animalism started with being Politically Correct causing these Leftists to become so wild that their violence is turning into rampaging countries. Look what happened in Sweden this week how the country is burning – literally – and in the UK the past few months which Mainstream-Fake-News-Enemies-of-the-People are covering up. These violent attacks will very soon reach America if they’re not stopped drastically and the hoodlums arrested.


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