Watch: Tucker Takes On Economist Who Claims It’s Time To Ditch Cash


Harvard University Professor Kenneth Rogoff on the case for a cashless society.




  1. In other words, more government control over our lives, watching what the money is spent on and tracking you everywhere.
    A cashless society is exactly the agenda of the New World Order which will benefit only those at the top, the banks and criminal elites. We need to rebel against this full force.

  2. Firstly, eventually those “big bills” that he proposes to eliminate will become not so big due to inflation. $100 used to pay a month’s rent.
    Secondly, if someone wants to buy $2000 of merchandise and save the 3% credit card fee, the only option is cash. Vendor won’t accept company check since it may bounce. And small claims court is costly and time consuming and often not effective. An ACH is not instant. And a wire is also costly. This is why we have cash!


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