Watch: Tucker: Trump Has Convinced Dems To Destroy Themselves


Tucker: Democrats seems to be trying to ‘out-Trump Trump’ and are destroying themselves in the process.




  1. That’s right. The biggest stories gets the least coverage on Mainstream Fake News. Spygate is a good example. The political arrest of Tommy Robinson in the UK with thousands of protests worldwide, is another great example.

    The Democrapic party WAS ALWAYS CORRUPT. But now they can’t cover up their corruptions because President Trump AND REAL MEDIA publicized it.

    We just didn’t see it because they were at the wheel hiding their corruptions. However, now they totally transformed because their criminal candidate lost in a landslide. Something the CIA and FBI are not used to when for the past dozenS of years they’d created enough fraud to stick their Democrat candidate they wanted in for president. This time though Hashem said “No way!” because Hillary is too much of a G-dless criminal and may not become president and no amount of fraud will help. This is what the Deep State cannot swallow and why the Dems have not yet stopped yelling and whining.

    News reporters were always propagandists and covered up their fake news because the alt-right weren’t around to reveal to us the truth.

    The Democrapic party needs to dissolve itself or move to a jungle where they’d fit right in. They’re a shame to America and a shame to humanity.

  2. Hopefully those who consider themselves Democrats will wake up shortly and see the massive corruptions in their own party and the dishonesty and crookedness of their leaders.


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