Watch: Tucker: Trump Retweet Outrage Shows Death Of Free Speech


Tucker’s Thoughts: The furor over President Trump’s retweet of three videos circulated by a British nationalist group’s leader shows there’s growing fascism and death of free speech in the West – even if the speech is unpopular.




  1. Great interviewing technique! Shout him down, misquote him, put words in his mouth and pretend to misunderstand him. You called me a Nazi! (He didn’t.) You’re anti free speech! (No, he was differentiating between hate speech and outright incitement.) Oops, we’re out of time! (Now I can stop talking over you.) Good grief, Charlie Brown!

    • Faux news is just like the rest of the msm. They’re all lying skunks who are only out there to twist and spin the “news” in their favor. It’s a basic brainwashing technique.

  2. It’s not a crime to offend people, Tucker, unless you’re offending Muslims, the LGBT sick community and criminals.

    Hypocrite Rashid supports free speech like his Muslims brothers, including killing all infidels. But may G-d help us if someone uses the same free speech against Muslims.


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