Watch: Was Trump Right To Call Out ‘Alt-Left’ In Charlottesville?


The president doubled-down on both his statements and his response to the deadly Charlottesville riot, insisting he needed to know the facts and that both Neo-Nazis and the Alt-Left were violent. Does he have a point?



  1. The bottom line is that there is a tremendous push to get rid of Trump and they are just using this as an excuse, an “icing on the cake” if you will. He was 100% correct in what he said. He was not in any way equating the neo-Nazis with the general “left”. He was saying that in this particular occurrence, the anti-demonstrators were also very violent. Violence is violence – period. That is all he was saying. The extreme left is, at this point, a greater threat to this country than the extreme right. Just my humble opinion…


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