Watch: What Do Regular Americans Think About Comey’s Testimony?


Kat stops folks in Manhattan for their reaction to the former FBI director’s appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee.



  1. I think all this is a horse and pony show because half of congress and the senate doesn’t want to move on what has to be voted on and put into some kind of form for the country, for their hate for this president over takes the peoples needs. They are so busy with committees they don’t have time to go and vote on necessary legislation to help the people and the country. Then they will say you see we told you not to vote for this person and he is bad for the country even it was their obstruction of actual work.

  2. Is this a reality show? I see one person was doing all the talking. Typical teenager. SHE has to be the center of attention. She wasn’t really interested in hearing what the average Joe on the street had to say.


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