We Made It Clear How Much We Would Build, Even In Yerushalayim


netanyahuOne day after Israeli Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz announced plans to legislate the expansion of Jerusalem’s borders, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu stressed that “we made it very clear to the U.S. and to the Palestinians exactly how much we would build, including in Jerusalem.”

“We built exactly what we said we would build in every one of the tranches. It wasn’t that we surprised anyone with extra construction,” Netanyahu said in an interview with Bloomberg View columnist Jeffrey Goldberg.

In the interview, conducted at his bureau in Jerusalem, Netanyahu blamed Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for the collapse of the latest peace push, suggesting that Abbas was “unable or unwilling to grapple with the core issues of the conflict.”

According to the report, the prime minister hinted that he was “weighing suggestions from a large number of Israelis that he should consider taking unilateral steps to disengage from sections of the West Bank that are heavily populated by Palestinians, even if this means uprooting Jewish settlements.”

Read more at Israel Hayom.

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  1. Israel maybe should start building with the French Jews, and the other European Jews coming home there has to be a place to put them.


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