Websurfer Exposes Staged Photo of ‘Israeli Soldier’ Pointing Gun at ‘Palestinian Youth’


idf soldier palestinianA photo circulating on Facebook that purports to show an IDF soldier aiming his rifle at the neck of a Palestinian youth is apparently staged, Israeli Channel 2 news reported on Sunday.

According to the report, both the “Israeli soldier” and the “Palestinian youth” in the image are actors, and a follow up-picture, discovered by websurfer Roi Rahmani shows the pair standing together for a selfie shortly after the initial photo.

Rahmani, who posted the photo and its explanation on Facebook explained that it “was taken by actors, and their goal was to present the soldiers of the IDF in a negative light.”

He added that, “if you… do a little bit more effort, you’ll find the photo posted below that proves what I’m saying, that these two are actors, and as proof: the ‘threatened’ child and the ‘threatening’ soldier are taking an incriminating selfie [together].”

Rahmani’s exposé was shared thousands of times on Facebook.


The Algemeiner

{Matzav.com Israel}


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