Wedding of Yaakov Yosef of “Japan Three” to Be Held Next Week

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japan-yaakov-yosefDear Friends,

With gratitude to Hashem, Yaakov Yosef Grunwald will be celebrating his wedding next Thursday.

After several years of suffering in solitude in Japanese detention, Yaakov Yosef ben Raizel is finally setting up his own home בשעטו”מצ.

Yaakov Yosef wishes to invite all acheinu bnei Yisroel around the globe who assisted, cared and davened for him in his time of distress to participate in his joyous moment.

Please consider this a personal invitation and share it with the other members of Klal Yisroel as we celebrate this wonderful simcha together.

Dayan Weis, Antwerp

Aron Nezri, London

Meilech Bindinger, Antwerp

Click here to view the invitation with a personal note from the chosson.

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