Weiner ‘Eyeing’ NYC Mayoral Run


weiner1Is it true that anyone can make a comeback in New York-or in politics? It looks like Anthony Weiner is testing that theory.

The former congressman – who resigned in disgrace – gave a lengthy interview in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine. The inside look at Weiner’s life – published online today – was conducted alongside his wife, Huma Abedin, who was deputy chief of staff to Hillary Clinton. In it Weiner admits he is “eyeing” a run for mayor, a race that some considered a lock for him pre-scandal. The article contains fascinating details about the two’s marriage, detailing their lives as “political animals” who worked 24/7 before the scandal. Now, Abedin says, they’re trying to move forward.

“‘Anthony … is a glass-half-full person. He doesn’t dwell. He’s not negative.'”

Read it at The New York Times Magazine

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. He would actualy make a great Mayor. I hope he does run. He is head & shoulders above the rest of the losers, Quinn,De’Blasio, & Thompson! We will be voting for Erick Salgado. If Salgado drops out then we would definitely vote for Weiner. He was railroaded by Obama & should be given a 2nd chance.

  2. Why is he worse than Quince? (Mistake intended!!)
    Two peas in a pod!
    I am eying Casamatedes!
    deBlasio is a good guy but ain’t no mayoral material. Thompson has no chance!
    Casamatedes is worth dome looking into, I think!

  3. Weiner, GO FOR IT !!! you would make a great mayor. Who cares what he did in his past. Plenty of politicians were( ex: Clinton) and are immoral and the ones you don’t know about it were not caught yet.
    As long as their history did not effect the public, then I don’t see any reason they shouldn’t run for office.

  4. “As long as their history did not effect the public, then I don’t see any reason they shouldn’t run for office.”

    Weiner supported toevah marriage that effects others. We should all vote for Erick Salgado like our rabbaniem told us to.


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