What a Role Model: Michael Brown’s Stepfather Urged Protesters To “Burn This —– Down” After Grand Jury Announcement


louis-headMichael Brown’s stepfather repeatedly urged protesters to “Burn this —– down” after a prosecutor announced that no criminal charges would be filed against the Ferguson, Missouri police officer who killed the unarmed teenager.

Louis Head, an ex-con who is married to Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, was with McSpadden outside the Ferguson Police Department headquarters Monday evening as prosecutor Robert McCulloch disclosed that a grand jury declined to vote an indictment against Officer Darren Wilson in the August 9 shooting.

After consoling a weeping McSpadden, the 38-year-old Head–who was standing atop a platform in the middle of the agitated crowd of several hundred protesters–began screaming “Burn this —– down!” He did this at least ten times, and at one point yelled for a microphone so that he could broadcast his incendiary message beyond the range of his unamplified voice.

While trying to incite the crowd, Head (pictured above) was wearing a commemorative t-shirt with the words “I Am Mike Brown” and a beanie, both of which bore a silkscreened photo of Brown in his high school cap and gown.

In the days preceding the grand jury announcement, McSpadden and Michael Brown, Sr. issued statements calling for peaceful protests in the wake of the panel’s decision. Head, however, counseled arson. After a night of chaos and rioting in Ferguson, at least 10 businesses and two police cars were destroyed or damaged by fire, and 61 individuals were arrested.

Head is an ex-convict whose rap sheet includes two felony narcotics convictions, according to state records. He pleaded guilty in 1997 to a marijuana distribution charge and was put in a shock incarceration program and placed on probation for five years. After violating probation, Head’s release was revoked and he was remanded to state prison.

In mid-2003, Head was charged with narcotics trafficking, a felony count to which he later pleaded guilty. The St. Louis native was sentenced to seven years in prison. He was released in June 2008 after serving about five years in custody.

Along with McSpadden, Head is at the center of an ongoing Feguson Police Department investigation of an incident last month during which three vendors selling commemorative Michael Brown merchandise were assaulted. One of the victims, Michael Brown, Sr.’s mother-in-law, identified McSpadden and Head as among the “attackers” who ransacked her stands and stole $400 in cash and merchandise valued at $1500.

According to USA Today, McSpadden and Head were married earlier this year, before Brown’s killing.


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  1. We must remember. That 7 of the 10 witnesses who happened to have been african american/black in their statements and testimony completely corroborated and supported the testimony of Darren Wilson/cop. It isn’t for no reason that he was not charged. In addition, the other 50 witnesses Al sharpton is talking about have had extreme inconsistencies in their statement; some of them even saying he got a gunshot to his back that was completely unfounded after the autopsy. The prosecutor realized that they were non credible witnesses and even some that were lying to the prosection. So this decision was based on some very solid evidence. Fact of the matter is to these pple is: Your culture has failed you. The percentage of violence among blacks is jungle like. Instead of taking responsiility and educating your kids in churches and education about respect, being happy, not blaming and ultimately “not always focusing on the color of your skin” that’s what you guys are busy with the whole day. You don’t see the facts, the behavior the reasons ; just the skin. You are the biggest racists in america. Its getting boring to americans already. Noone sees your skin, they see actions. You are the only ones seeing the skin color Most importantly teach your youth (but if even their leaders don’t have respect to authority and our constitution then why should the kids have) to be respectful of our judicial system. TO respect a cop. A public servant. To respect the USA and everything it stands for. Noone remembers the civil war and doesn’t have to remember it cus by now you pple are regular citizens and regular rights. YOu have some black pple that have made a good life forthemselves by understanding how they can be part of the system. And are very well respected all over. Instead, all you do is allow your unfounded inferiority complex to lead you to violence and incite violence. Change your system!!!!!!!!!

  2. People don’t realize the mess they make they will have to live in. Ferguson sounds like the next Detroit. Business burned down, banks closed, etc. What business will want to start one there when this can maybe happen again. People will have to travel to other places to buy food, banks, shops etc. and it will look like another blithe area.


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