What Foods To Seek Or Avoid During Cold And Flu Season


sneezeSo many people are sick these days with the flu running rampant that the new book “Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal” has come out just in time.

WCBS 880 anchor and Health & Well Being correspondent Pat Farnack spoke with its author – Reader’s Digest executive editor Courtenay Smith.

One big thing to avoid when you’re sick is alcohol.

“We’ve heard that a drink a day can keep our heart healthy, but alcohol when you have the cold or flu, first it dehydrates you and that makes it harder for your body to fight a fever and it also dilates your small blood vessels. So, all those nasal passages are going to feel even more congested if you have a drink and people ‘Oh, alcohol, it kills germs” but it’s not true in this case,” Smith told Farnack.

What about a hot toddy?

“That is a myth. The alcohol is going to make the congestion feel worse. So, that’s home remedy that I would tell people to stay away from,” said Smith.

But Smith said that one home remedy that does work is chicken soup.

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