White House Extends Holiday Party Invite To CNN Off-Camera Teams


The White House extended an invite to its holiday party to CNN’s off-camera teams on Thursday just days after the network announced it would not be attending this year due to continued attacks on the network by President Trump.

“Good afternoon. The President wanted you to know that while the rest of CNN will not be attending the (X)mas reception, if you’re able to he is still happy to have you – the cameramen, sound, and other technicians, who work so tirelessly behind the scenes – to come participate,” the invitation read. Read more at The Hill.



  1. In order to bring back religious Holiday spirits to America INCLUDING the morally low individuals of the Left and their media who bashed Trump’s over his Holiday message, his vocalizing G-d in his speeches and anything religious.

  2. Swamp party favors. I guess Trump is ready for just as much influence he thinks he can get over the network. Start small and curse up. It works. He got to the top.


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