White House: Our Faux Pas on Paris Rally


france-marchThe White House says it “should’ve sent someone with a higher profile” to represent the United States at the rally in Paris on Sunday to commemorate the victims of the recent terrorist attacks.

The U.S. ambassador to France represented America while several foreign leaders, from Germany to Israel, marched arm-in-arm with French President Nicholas Hollande during the 1.3-million strong Paris event.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest wouldn’t say if President Obama or Vice President Biden even considered attendingthe event.

“The security requirements around a presidential visit, or even a vice-presidential visit are onerous,” Earnest said, adding: “It would have been very difficult to do so without significantly impacting the ability of common citizens to participate.” Read more at the New York Times.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. What do you expect from an administration that blames the staged, well planned attack on Americans in Benghazi, on a YouTube video that no one ever saw?! They just cant get the word “terrorism” out of their mouths. They don’t want to insult even one Muslim. Obama & Company are destroying the fabric of this once great Country.

  2. I have a different question. Why were all those heads of state all together, and with so little security measures to isolate them from the rest of the demonstrators? It’s done for much lower-profile authorities at much lower-profile public events.

    As for President Obama’s absence, I’ve figured it out! He wasn’t in Paris because he must have been in Stockholm, negotiating with the Nobel Prize Committee the restitution of his award. Sadly, it does not seem that European Union officials, nor Palestinian Authority’s, are doing the same.


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