White House Slams Netanyahu: “Odd” To Calls Criticism Of Building In Yerushalayim “Un-American”


Was8869303Both the White House and Washington-based Jewish lobby groups have strongly condemned comments by Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu about the building of more settlements.

Netanyahu said that opposing the building of more settlements is somehow un-American and seemed to be lecturing the Obama administration on American “values” – drawing a scathing response from Washington.

Last week Israel announced plans to build another 2,600 homes in the Yerushalayim suburb of Givat Hamatos and 25 apartments in the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan were taken by settlers.

Speaking about Silwan, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the buildings had been grabbed “by individuals who are associated with an organization whose agenda, by definition, stokes tensions between Israelis and Palestinians” – apparently referring to the Elad Foundation.

Responding at a New York press briefing Netanyahu responded: “I have no intention of telling Jews they can’t buy apartments in East Jerusalem. This is private property and an individual right. There cannot be discrimination – not against Jews and not against Arabs,” before adding: “This goes against values that the United States also believes in.”

Briefing journalists at the White House this morning Josh Earnest said he found Netanyahu’s comments about “American values” a little odd.

“It did seem odd for him to defend Israel’s position by saying US position is un-American,” he said. “American values are why this country’s support for Israel has been unwavering.” Continuing with settlement construction would, he said, “send a troubling message” about Israel’s intentions in the region.

Read more at International Business Times.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I find it very telling that there was no response to Bibi’s argument about discriminating based on ethnicity. Just the usual labels and name calling. Is the non “un-american” position one that supports banning private property purchases based on race or creed?

  2. I watched the Bibi interview and he was excellent. He was on the money about American values. He understands traditional American values better than Obama!

  3. In this article they say “Last week Israel announced plans to build another 2,600 homes in the Yerushalayim suburb of Givat Hamatos and 25 apartments in the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan were taken by settlers.”

    That is completely false. This was a zoning change, the purchases were don’t privately and not done by the government. By publishing these lies you are promulgating them, it’ important that they not get twisted to Bibi doesn’t look like a liar in the world’s eye.

  4. Obama has as many American Blessings and Values as Uncle Sam has short sleeves and a tattoo.

    Good to see that the White House of Obama is so freshly involved in replying to a jew’s criticism of their reality.

    It shows we have a bigger voice.

    Poor president.

  5. “A troubling message of Israel’s intentions?”
    The Pali’s intentions are never to come to the bargaining table and compromise. Should Israel have to hold off building for perpetuity because of that?

  6. Obama’s rating are the lowest ever. He’s desperately trying to divert the attention of the American people. Blaming his failing policies on Israel, is very immature at best.

  7. It would be nice of Israel if it at least pretended to be a sovereign nation. I never understand why Bibi keeps on announcing another building any where in Israel, it is no ones business but Israel’s. Bibi keeps announcing building and then changes his mind like a tease, I guess he doesn’t want to hurt Lobama’s feelings, so he bows down to the golden calf.


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