WhoApp Promises To Take The Guesswork Out Of Who’s Calling


Is the unknown number calling you the annoying fellow you met at a chasunah last night? Or an annoying telemarketer?

WhoApp, a new iPhone app, promises to take the dice roll out of picking up that call, reports  Marguerite Reardon for CNET.

Developed by New Jersey’s TelTech, WhoApp recognizes calls from telemarketers, scammers and even annoying acquaintances you don’t want to talk to. It then turns an unknown number into a name, profile picture, address and Google Street View of the location.

CNET says that here’s how WhoApp works: When you decline to accept a call from an unfamiliar number, that number is sent to WhoApp. As the call is happening, the app quickly dials back the number and displays information identifying the caller. If it’s someone you want to talk to, you answer the call. Otherwise, you can let the call go to the WhoApp voicemail.





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