Why President Trump Has His Eye On The Menendez Trial


On Wednesday, a U.S. senator will sit before a jury of his peers and face charges that his friend bribed him to settle disputes for the government.

Both Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., and wealthy eye doctor Salomon Melgen, also on trial Wednesday, have both denied the allegations.

It’s a classic corruption case with a modern political twist: If Menendez is found guilty and subsequently steps down from his position, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, R, could name a Republican in his place.

In a divided Senate, one extra Republican vote could make a world of difference for President Donald Trump’s agenda. Obamacare would probably have been repealed in July if Senate Republicans had an extra vote and the promise of a new Republican joining the ranks in Senate opens the door for much more progress for the GOP.

(c) 2017, The Washington Post · Amber Phillips



  1. This is very interesting because it’s thought that he was investigated and indicted as a punishment for his vigorous opposition to Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. Now the Democrats plan to punish him may backfire in their face!


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