Wife of Putin Spokesman Does Holocaust-Themed Dance

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The wife of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman participated in a Holocaust-theme dance skit. Tatiana Navka, the wife of the Russian leader’s spokesman, and Andrew Burkovsjy were dressed as Jewish concentration camp prisoners complete with Star of David patches.

The skit aired on Russia’s Channel 1, on a reality show called “Ice Age.” The dance drew the ire of users on social media, who demanded an apology. Navka is an Olympic champion ice dancer. According to i24 News, Dmitry Peskov, Navka’s husband, has served as Putin’s spokesman since April 2000. Read more at I24 NEWS.


  1. A terrible tragedy. They were dancing on the graves of the kedoshim. Channel 1 should be sued by holocaust survivors and their families for the total disrespect for the victims of the holocaust. Any good international lawyers out there?

  2. And if course Matzav had to show us a picture of her, nice tichel and all. But they won’t show a picture of Rebbitzen Pam A”H or any other isha tzidkuniois. Pheh. Matzav had shown themselves to be corrupt hypocrites.

    • Buddy. Its commercialization of the hate that lead to the death of 6 million. Not orthodox and hateful. We read fear of G-d; not hate of the moment. This is very bad.

  3. It is theater, and a very distasteful theatrical performance, but it seems to me it is much less despicable than the commercialization of Auschwitz and other camps.


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