WikiLeaks Publishes 1.7 Million U.S. Records


wikileaks-assangeAssange is at it again.

WikiLeaks has published more than 1.7 million U.S. diplomatic records-including cables, intelligence reports, and congressional correspondence-from 1973 to 1976, the period during which Henry Kissinger was secretary of State and national-security adviser.

The collection is being released in a searchable database called the Public Library of U.S. Diplomacy (PlusD), and according to The Guardian is “the world’s largest searchable collection of confidential, or formerly confidential, diplomatic communications.”

According to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the documents hint at the scope of U.S. intelligence activity around the globe at the time. Read more.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. my sources tell me that the amount of damaging information released by wikileaks is incalculable but it is somewhere in the vicinity of 2.345 to the 12th power with a gyroscope adjusting for a moral handicap.

  2. based on some of the most recent comments it seems as if verbatim and a concerned sneezer have hacked how are you printing such rubbish““““/

  3. Wikileaks is the day the door slammed shut on patriotic indifference.

    They aim to refuse authority in hopes of lasting a little longer. Surely they will fall like all other anarchists.


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