Wisconsin Rejects Jill Stein’s Hand Recount; She’ll Sue

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The Wisconsin Elections Commission has rejected Jill Stein’s request to recount the presidential election ballots by hand, stating on Monday that they will instead conduct the recount electronically. Stein responded that she would sue the state to obtain a hand recount. Wisconsin is the first of three states in which Stein has called for a recount of the presidential election.

Today, Stein filed a suit to force a recount in Pennsylvania, and plans to file for a recount in Michigan on Wednesday, now that the state’s results have been certified. The Wisconsin Elections Committee’s six members unanimously moved to accept Stein’s recount demands, but told Milwaukee’s Sentinel-Journal that they doubted the recount would change the results of their state, where Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by a narrow margin of approximately 22,000 votes. Read more at the MILWAUKEE SENTINEL-JOURNAL.



  1. Who is Jill Stein to force different States to conduct costly time consuming recounts?! She has no governmental powers! She is just a regular citizen. Is our corrupt government so broken, that any person can just open their mouth and demand a recount?!

  2. A candidate that received only 1.1 percent of the vote should not have the right to demand a recount. Only a candidate with a reasonable claim should be allowed to request a recount. Incidentally, the votes that she siphoned off from Clinton caused Donald Trump to win the state, so it’s very ironic that she of all peoples wants the recount.

  3. She may be making so much noise in that the next time an election occurs she wants to run for something so she is trying to scam people for money and a name. But she has to remember it runs both ways, for the next election they know who is the fool not a winner.


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