Without Hikind, Say Goodbye To Yeshiva Tuition Aid


hikind2By Henoch Margitz

When Governor Andrew Cuomo was in Brooklyn yesterday, he made a point of praising the community’s local leaders and elected officials. That was to be expected. But he singled out Assemblyman Dov Hikind for some special accolades, calling him “a hero of mine,” “a friend of my father” and a “voice of courage and of strength.”

Indeed, Governor Cuomo is young enough to remember growing up and watching Hikind champion cause after cause as they benefitted the Jewish community. Some of those causes were won in a day while others took years. But Hikind never gave up and his tenaciousness is something that most people who have paid attention deeply admire.

Now the cause is Education Investment Tax Credits, the beginning of genuine relief for yeshiva parents. Sponsored in the NY State Senate by Hikind’s longtime friend and colleague Senator Simcha Felder, Hikind has been the bill’s strongest proponent in the NY State Assembly. Most Gedolim and nearly all local askonim are supporting Hikind in his reelection quest knowing how important Hikind is as the yeshiva tuition crisis gets worse.

The passage of this bill should be viewed as vital and community members in the New York’s 48th Assembly District should not be complacent about coming out to vote on Tuesday, November 4, Election Day. As popular as Hikind is, there is often a tendency to take elections for granted and our community does not always turn out as it should. But we can’t afford that this time. To lose Dov Hikind (chas v’Sholom)-a long-time champion of Jewish causes and Jewish values-as an elected official would be an enormous loss to our families.

Further, a strong show of support for Hikind on Election Day will reaffirm a mandate to bring our families our fair share of education tax dollars. Parents with children in yeshivas need to take this issue seriously.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}



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