Woman Abducted in Lakewood


lakewood-police[Update below.] A woman in Lakewood escaped the hold of several males after they attempted to abduct her earlier this evening near the Satmar Bais Medrash on Forest Avenue and Fourth Street. The woman was reportedly asked for directions by the occupants of a vehicle. When she responded, she was grabbed and thrown into the vehicle, which drove off, going south on Forest Avenue. The woman, thinking quickly, began yelling to draw attention, compelling her abductors to release her from the vehicle. Police are conducting a search for the perpetrators.

Update, 11:17 p.m.: The women and her abducters were of Hispanic descent. Authorities have reason to believe that the men have prior records for breaking the law. 

 {Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Dear Matzav Reporters/Journalists:

    Any clue to your readership regarding the ethnicity or nationality of “the woman”?

  2. Which is why, if approached for directions, you keep your distance, and tell kids NEVER to give strange grownups directions.


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