Woman Awarded $29M In Damages In Johnson & Johnson Cancer Case

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A California jury has awarded $29 million to a woman who said asbestos in Johnson & Johnson’s talcum-powder-based products caused her cancer.

Wednesday’s verdict, in California superior court in Oakland, marks the latest defeat for the healthcare conglomerate facing more than 13,000 talc-related lawsuits nationwide.

The company said it would appeal, citing “serious procedural and evidentiary errors” during the trial, saying lawyers for the woman had fundamentally failed to show its baby powder contains asbestos. The company did not provide further details of the alleged errors.

The New Jersey-based company denies that its talc causes cancer, saying numerous studies and tests by regulators worldwide have shown that it is safe and asbestos-free.


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  1. So,
    Is it entirely possible that other medical products, such as vaccines have contaminants that the masses just don’t know about??

    • And it is also “entirely possible” that bread from the store “have contaminants that the masses just don’t know about”. Except that both vaccines have government control and oversite, which “beauty products” like baby powder do (or did) not. And that leaves one to wonder what else all these multitude of unregulated beauty products contain (and which I suspect is exponentially more likely a reason for modern diseases than vaccines are).

  2. @georgeg:
    Talcum was known to the natural community to be a carcinogen, it was only the pharmaceutical/medical community that denied it.(Possibly blinded by the $ involved) Same story with Diethylstilbestrol (DES) – it was prescribed by the medical community for years – to prevent miscarriage. Now many of those babies who were “saved” are dying of cancer. The lawsuits are too numerous to ignore.

    This will be the vaccine story in 20-30 years…


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