Woman Deputy Director For Rabbinical Courts


Israel Rabbinical Courts Administration appointed Michal Goldstein as deputy director general of the rabbinical courts, marking the first time a woman held a senior position in the organization.

“We’ve made history,” Batya Kahana-Dror, director of the Mavoi Satum organization, which helps agunos, told Haaretz. “For the first time, a woman will hold a senior position at the rabbinical courts. Admittedly it’s a deputy director general, and not yet a director general, but it’s a first step that constitutes a harbinger of things to come.”

In 2014, Mavoi Satum, Na’amat and WIZO petitioned the High Court that conditions requiring the holders of such positions to be a rov or a dayan excluded women and violated the Basic Law on Freedom of Occupation and the Basic Law on Human Dignity and Liberty.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


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