World’s Former Fattest Man Loses 650 Pounds


paul-mason-fatThe world’s former fattest man celebrated yesterday – after shedding nearly 650 pounds.

Paul Mason, 51, lost two-thirds of his nearly 1,000-pound weight following a gastric bypass operation funded by the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS), which reduced his stomach to the size of an egg.

The ex-postman, of Ipswich, Suffolk, now weighs around 330 pounds – but says his target is to get down to 200 pounds.

“I still have a way to go,” Mason said, as he vowed to go from the world’s fattest man to the world’s greatest slimmer.

Mason’s medical bills are so far thought to have cost taxpayers more than $1.6 million. And he is fighting the NHS to fund further surgery costing up to $50,000 to remove folds of loose skin left after his substantial weight loss.

“I was ashamed to be called the fattest man in the world because I knew I’d got myself in a hell of a state,” Mason said. “I am proud that I have shown to other people with weight problems what can be achieved.”

At his heaviest weight, Mason once ate 20,000 calories a day – about 10 times the recommended level – on a diet of supersized takeout food, fried foods and up to forty bags of crisps.

But after his operation, he cast off his electric wheelchair and switched to a diet of vegetables and small portions.

“The NHS says my weight must be stable for two years before they will consider operating on me to remove the loose skin,” Mason said. “But I want the surgery as soon as possible as it will enable me to become more mobile – and that will help me keep the weight off.”

Paul blames childhood bullying for a compulsive eating disorder and says it was made worse by the death of his dad in 1986.

Firefighters once removed the front wall of his house and used a forklift to plant him in an ambulance when he needed a hernia operation while weighing nearly 800 pounds in 2002.

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  1. Who was supplying him with food once he became bedridden due to his weight? Whoever the “enablers” were, should be arrested! The feeders should be made to pay for all the surgery’s!


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