World’s Tiniest Torah To Be Presented At Israel Museum For 50th Anniversary


nano-bibleAs part of its yearlong 50th anniversary celebration, the Yerushalayim-based Israel Museum will display the “Nano Bible,” the world’s smallest Torah, an Israeli innovation created at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

The tiny Torah will be displayed alongside the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Aleppo Codex, a manuscript of the Torah from 10th century C.E. The “Nano Bible” is a gold-coated silicon chip smaller than a pinhead. It is 0.04 square millimeters, and 0.00002 millimeters (20 nanometers) deep. The 1.2 million letters of the Torah were written using a focused ion beam generator that shot gallium ions onto a gold surface covering a base layer of silicon.

Dr. Ohad Zohar and Professor Uri Sivan of the Technion Physics Department developed the idea, and the engineers of the Technion’s Sara and Moshe Zisapel Nanoelectronics Center were responsible for the manufacturing of the chip and the development of the software that allows the engraving of the letters.

The Israel Museum will also exhibit a documentary on the creation of the Nano Bible and will enable the reading of the biblical text under a microscope.




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