World Bank Increases Yearly Allocation to Aid Gazans


The World Bank plans to provide unemployed Gazans ‎with millions of dollars in aid, Israel Hayom learned on ‎Monday.‎

In late July, the World Bank announced that it would ‎increase its yearly ‎allocation to the Palestinians ‎from $55 million to $90 million because of “challenges ‎in ‎the Gaza Strip that have left the territory on ‎the ‎verge of economic and social collapse,” reported the ‎Bloomberg financial-news agency.‎

The latest World Bank initiative will funnel $17 ‎million to Gaza as part of a project that aims to ‎employ 4,400 Gazans ages 18 to 34, half of them ‎women, in third-sector organizations focused on ‎health care, education, and assistance for the ‎elderly and the disabled. ‎

The new project will also support the training of ‎‎750 young Palestinians in the fields of media and the Internet. ‎

Controlled by the Islamist terrorist group Hamas, ‎which ousted rival faction Fatah (the Palestinian Authority) in a military coup in 2007, the Gaza Strip has ‎been under an Israeli maritime blockade, and its land ‎crossings are subject to significant Israeli and ‎Egyptian restrictions.‎ Israel and Egypt both maintain the restrictions are ‎necessary to prevent Hamas from smuggling weapons ‎and terrorists into the Strip. ‎

However, the blockade has left Gaza’s economy in ‎a shambles. According to World Bank data, unemployment ‎in Gaza is estimated at 48%, compared to 13% in ‎the Fatah-controlled West Bank, and more than half of Gaza’s population, some 900,000 ‎people, live in poverty, with about a third of them ‎are unable to afford basic necessities such as ‎clothing, food, and shelter. ‎

‎“Economic instability and the lack of jobs prevent ‎educated young people in Gaza from contributing to ‎economic growth. In addition to a sharp drop in ‎basic services, such as water and electricity, this ‎is something that intensifies social tensions,” a ‎World Bank spokeswoman said in a statement.

‎The 189-member international financial ‎institution maintains 130 offices worldwide, and aims to reduce poverty and provide “a wide array ‎of financial products and technical assistance, and help countries share and apply innovative ‎knowledge and solutions to the challenges they ‎face.”




  1. If the World Bank pays these goons, that proves it’s for, not against, poverty. Look what the Gaza Arab vandals did to property the Jews left behind.

  2. who’s fault these people live in poverty other than the money goes to cement, balloons, kites, tires, missiles etc. With the money they get from the UN, and all the rest of the worlds nations they should be living in luxury as some are in Gaza. I have seen pictures of large buildings, food markets filled with food, large mega homes, etc. All nations have poor people and they should be taken care of by those who have money and not make the world guilty because the government cannot control their own money and waste much of it.


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