World’s Smallest Cell Phone Released In Israel


smallest-cell-phoneThe world’s smallest and lightest cell phone, developed by an Israeli company, is now available in stores in Israel. Weighing in at 40 grams, the phone has already been registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the lightest phone in the world. The phone, developed by the Israeli company Modu, went on sale in Israel for the local equivalent of $130. There is no date for when the phone will be available in North America and Europe.

Modu officials said the aim was to create a streamlined product, easy to use and carry, which features only essential functions such as making calls and sending messages. “We have eliminated 80 percent of what people say they don’t need” Modu spokesperson Oded Todoros told The Media Line regarding why the company decided to make such a small phone.

Multimedia functionality such as listening to music, viewing photos or mounting the phone on bicycle handlebars can be added to the phone by plugging it into a ‘jacket’ purchased separately.

Reactions to the phone’s launch have been mixed. “It will be great to see what this phone is like,” a blogger wrote on “It certainly looks very interesting and different from the mobile phones currently on the market.”

“Giving a nod to the variety of different situations faced by mobile phone users, we particularly like the bike concept,” wrote Stuart Miles on “You can cycle and have your phone mounted on the handlebars.”

Others, however, were unimpressed.

“Personally, as I sit here today with my multitasking iPhone 3G laying lovingly at my side, I’m having a hard time getting worked up over the snub.” Wrote Jack Loftus on

“I think if this phone had been released a couple of years ago it may have done well, but now it just seems like a complicated phone that requires multiple jackets to be of any real use,” Matthew Humphries wrote on

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  1. Reply to #1- Sorry but not everyone in the world is a phone junkie that has to have a phone that does ‘everything’. There are a lot of people that just want a phone to talk and text and are satisfied with that. With this extra small size this phone will do very well!

  2. Why don’t they market them through the kosher plans that sell phones to people who don’t want voice mail, email, or interner?

    Jewish money isn’t good enough for them?


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