Yaalon: Our Battle for Independence Isn’t Over


moshe-yaalon“The War of Independence did not end,” Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said today, speaking at the traditional Independence Day gathering of senior defense officials.

“The defense establishment and the IDF stand, and will continue to stand, in the face of challenges along our borders and in countries that are father,” he said.

Yaalon spoke of the Iranian nuclear threat, “The world got a late start dealing with the problem of an Iranian military nuclear program,” he said. “The regime in Tehran does not see the western world as determined to stop the nuclear project, so it allows itself to continue with its plans.

“Only putting the Iranian regime before the dilemma of ‘bomb, or survival’ will lead to the end of the project,” he said.

“The world must take the lead in the standoff with Iran, but Israel must prepare for the possibility that it will need to protect itself alone,” he added.

Yaalon also spoke of the threat posed by Hizbullah and Hamas. “They are armed with tens of thousands of missiles and rockets of various types, and if the order is given they will fire them at our cities and our civilians,” he warned. “Hizbullah is arm of the Tehran regime… Lebanon’s citizens and its leaders must understand that if Hizbullah attacks us – the organization and Lebanon itself will be considered responsible, and will pay the price.”

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  1. Did you ever notice that lack of real substance, when reading articles about Israel. So many poor people, so many struggling, yet, that’s all you hear is selfish pride. It’s all about the MONEY. DM Yaalon, the war of independence will never be won, as long as the State of Israel, will not come to an understanding, that it is not the mighty army, the high tech, that is keeping them alive, you words will echoed many more times. We do not understand Hashem’s ways. Hashem allowed the Zionists to come and build the Land etc, but they decided to have no part of Hashem and His Torah. This situation will not stand forever. When Hashem decides when they have completed their mission, they will thanked and Hashem will usher in a new era, allowing Jews to take the helm as was in the days of Shlomo HaMelech. A King, a Sanhedrian, a Bais Hamikdash etc. We are a Nation, Am Yisroel. Thank you the State of Israel, for the wonderful job.


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