Yael Basis A”H, Mother of Four Killed In Car Accident In France


An Israeli woman, Yael Basis, was killed on Wednesday in a car accident in Val Thorens, France.

Yael suffered critical injuries in the accident and later died of her injuries. Seven other Israeli civilians, including two of her children, were lightly injured. The injured were evacuated for medical treatment at the hospital near the site of the incident.

The Israeli Consul in Paris, Uri David, and the Department for Israelis Abroad in Ministry of Foreign Affairs assisted in transferring the deceased to Israel for burial and monitor the conditions of the wounded. The ZAKA International Unit is working in conjunction with the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s situation room in order to obtain a waiver for an autopsy and bring the body for burial in Israel as soon as possible.

Yehuda Shapira, a ZAKA volunteer who was at the scene of the accident, said, “This is a very dangerous road. I was travelling on the road and I saw the accident while driving. I immediately stopped to provide first aid. One passenger was unconscious and other passengers were evacuated to the hospital in various conditions.”

Mrs. Basis is survived by four children.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Please daven for her son Dvir (דביר) ben Yael, who was seriously injured.
    Additionally, she was known as a true ba’alas chesed, and was a single mother. The family will need a lot of financial and other help.


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