Yair Lapid: “In Case You Missed it, Cottage Cheese is Cheaper”


tnuvah-cottage-cheeseThe price of cottage cheese is expected to drop to under six shekels for a 250-gram package following a price reduction by the Tnuva dairy giant. Finance Minister Yair Lapid took to Facebook this past week morning to point out the change.

“In case someone missed it: the price of cottage cheese went down today,” he wrote. “Just in case someone was sleeping: last night we passed, in a first reading, the Law for Competition in the Food Industry, which will bring down the prices of many food products.

“Just in case someone didn’t understand: with consistency, with determination, without giving up, we are continuing to fulfill our promises to the middle class,” he continued.

The manufacturer’s recommended price for cottage cheese is now 5.95 shekels for a 250 gram container, a 4.2 percent drop from its former price. Tnuva also reduced the recommended price of a 250-gram container of white cheese to 6.5 shekels. An increase in the price of cottage cheese in 2011 sparked a consumer boycott that led to debate in Knesset over the issue of high food prices.


{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Good for you. I think that if you ask me, he is more intelligent than many who came before him. Good day in the Holy Land.


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