Yair Lapid: Israel May Still Negotiate with Hamas


yair-lapidIsraeli finance minister and chairman of the Yesh Atid Party, Yair Lapid, has stated to the Wall Street Journal that there is a chance for Israel to potentially conduct talks with Hamas if the group “renounces terror” and “recognizes Israel.”

He added that this is not the first time something of this natures has happened, and used the PLO as an example in that “it used to be a terror organization”, but has since renounced the use of violence and recognizes the state of Israel.

In March of 2006, Hamas released its official legislative program, which clearly indicated that Hamas was willing to refer the issue of Israeli recognition to a national referendum. Under the heading “Recognition of Israel”, it stated: “The question of recognizing Israel is not the jurisdiction of one faction, nor the government, but a decision for the Palestinian people.”

The same year, following the Gaza election, the leader of Hamas sent a letter addressed to former US President George W. Bush, in which he declared that Hamas would accept a state on the 1967 borders, including a truce.

The Bush administration failed to reply.

Lapid’s statements reflect a more open position to negotiations than that of other members of the Israeli government’s coalition, like Netanyahu or Naftali Bennett.

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  1. lapid needs to say that
    without a peace process to rally and galvanize the leftist against Bibi his party will self desruct

    tzippy livni is really in a bind

    she’ll soon say the same thing

  2. Lapid is a tark who tarks his own worth. This guy can not even slightly lead the counter decision of human achievement. A dip for a slip and a slip for a clip. His standing in Israel is because he picks his roses with his landmine sweeper. Just another saint in the mix I suppose. Good to see a flippant lie every now and then. It keeps the road rage safe for American Futures.

    Foolish but not a boxcar eater!


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