Yeger Declines To Run Against Deutsch After Greenfield Announcement


City Council candidate Kalman Yeger formally declared last night that he will not run for the 48th City Council district, paving the way for him to potentially run for the seat being vacated by Councilman David Greenfield.

Yeger filed paperwork declining to run in the 48th district, despite having earlier filed petitions to seek the seat.

Greenfield announced he will not run for re-election and will instead accept a job at a non-profit organization. Read more at POLITICO.




  1. anyone living in Boro Park or in the part of Flatbush inside the district who votes for Yeger gave up their democratic voice, this is a travesty of democracy.

  2. I see is clearly in the bag for Yeger. You won’t allow any commentors who are trying to bring out the sleazy truth of the dirty politics at play over here. Why don’t you clearly state that this is a paid infomercial? State up front, you don’t care about the residents who pay taxes in the 44th district and Matzav is officially endorsing Kalman Yeger? Must you always quash our free speech???


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