Yerushalayim: 2-Day Lag Ba’omer School Break Irks Working Parents


lag-baomerYerushalayim parents called on Education Minister Shai Piron this week to reduce the number of school vacation days, which put a strain on working parents who have to find arrangements and improvise activities for their children during those days.

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{ Israel}


  1. This is a real difficulty for working moms all over the world. Why is Lag Bomer a 2 day holiday or even a one dayer? let kids go to school and have a park outing or sport tournaments, scavenger hunt or tiyul.

  2. …and in Israel, they were just off on Yom Haatzmaut too! And shortly Erev Shavuos, Shavuos, and Isru Chag…for a 25 hour chag. It’s getting ridiculous, the disparity between school vacations and working ones!

    I’m all for a breather for the kids, but coming off of a 3 week break, to a day off, and two days off, and then three days off, all within 2 months, is too much.


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